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Thursday, 9 November 2017

How to fix Pink (Green,Bluish,fuzzy) Screen on Laptop [Solved] What are the Reason for Pink screen on Laptop

When we use laptops or any other device we also faces some problems with it one of the major problem is PINK Screen on Laptops and flickering /Blinking of Screen.

Pink Screen on Laptop (Hp Laptop)
Symptoms of Pink Screen /Green screen /Blue Screen etc are :-
  • Blinking of screen - Most of People will ignore this problem id Blinking happens for small amount of time about 1 minute or few seconds User will become happy when blinking will stop and he will ignore this problem and in future may this problem effect the laptop badly.
  • Screen Becoming Pink /Green /Blue or changing color's this is also a symptoms that something is wrong with your computer screen /Laptop.
Laptop having Symptoms of color problems
Reasons Why you having Pink Screen or other unwanted colors :-
  • Screen is Damaged.
  • Wiring is lose.
  • Wire's which connect's screen and other part's are not properly connected.
  • Back-lights behind the screen panel are damaged.
and their could be any other reasons for this...

For Which Laptop or Brand is this Article: (HP ,Dell ,Asus ,Acer ,Sony ,MacBook ,Google Chrome Book ,Toshiba ,Lenovo)

All Laptops can have this problem does't matter's if laptop is Expensive or Not,  this can happen to any laptop and technique to solve this problem is also same the only difference is structure each laptop and company makes different laptop structure for their products so it is not important that HP and Dell laptop will have same structure or any other company so before doing anything check your laptop structure online this will help you to know about your laptop structure and this will also help you in repairing your laptop.

How to Fix /Solve this Problem :

It is very easy to solve this problem if something from these cases happen -
  • Screen is Damaged.
  • Wiring is lose.
  • Wire's which connect's screen and other part's are not properly connected.
  • Back-lights behind the screen panel are damaged.
Check your laptop carefully and determine what is the problem, first you need to know is it hardware problem or a Software problem to know this is it hardware or Software problem -

Take a external monitor and connect it with your laptop (Using a HDMI Cable or Any other cable which is use to connect with other monitor /external monitor) after this turn ON your laptop and see the external monitor if  Everything looks fine in external monitor and you are not having that same error as you getting in your laptop screen's it means your laptop has Hardware Problem if in external monitor everything looks same as in your laptop screen it means you have Software Problem.

Solve Software Problem (It is very easy to Solve the software problem) -
  • Update your windows if it does't work then Re-Install your Windows (Before this take your all data in external HardDisk)
  • Update the Drivers and Other Graphics Software.
Solve Hardware Problem (It is easy to fix a hardware problems too but only in few cases I will recommend you to show your laptop to an expert of this field)
  • Open the Laptop Body and Clean it (Remove the Dust from Internal Body) and Check the wire if wiring is lose or wire's are not connected then connect the wires.
  • Open the screen Frame and Check is wire's are damaged or not if wire is damaged you need to buy and new wire (Do not install new wire your own self if you don't know how to do it, give this work too an expert)
  • Open the screen frame and TURN ON your laptop after this see the lights behind the screen if lights are glowing it means lights are in good condition if not it means lights are damaged and you need to change them.

Before doing anything or taking action i will recommend you to show your laptop to an expert Why ? Because i know you have an laptop and it means a lot for you i just don't wanted you to damage your laptop that's Why ,Before showing laptop to an expert i will recommend you also to clean your laptop properly from internal body and connect /re connect video wires (this may help you and save your money) 


Monday, 6 November 2017

Bootstrap forms - Input Size,Horizontal forms and Vertical Forms

Bootstrap provides you with following types of form layouts −

Vertical (default) form
In-line form
Horizontal form

Classes :
  • form-control (It is a class which is used as a main class for forms or to design inputs)
  • input-lg (It is use to make a large input boxes)
  • input-sm (It is use to make a small input boxes)
  • form-group (It is use to make a group of two elements or more elements)
  • form-horizontal (It is use to make a horizontal forms)
  • form-inline (It is use to make a inline forms)

Bootstrap Inline Forms

Result :

inline form
inline form
Bootstrap Horizontal Forms

Result :

Horizontal forms
Horizontal forms


Wednesday, 11 October 2017

How to Create Calculator in HTML and CSS ,JavaScript - Get Source Code of Calculator

Create a Calculator Using JavaScript and HTML ,CSS.
Create calculator Javascript
Create Calculator Using JavaScript

HTML and CSS is used to design the Calculator Looks and Design ,Bootstrap is also added on it to make it responsive and Good Looking.
JavaScript is used as a Programming Language which is Used for the calculation purpose.

Features of Calculator :
  • It is Responsive.
  • Design is Attractive and Good.
  • Easy to Use.
  • It can do Addition ,Subtraction,Multiplication and Division .
  • It can also solve large Questions Like (23+7*56-6+5*5/8) 
Create Calculator in JavaScript Learn from Video :-

Part 1 -
Part 2 -

Code :

Result :

javascript calculator


Wednesday, 27 September 2017

What is My System 64 Bit or 32 Bit How to Know System type - Window 10,Window 7,Window 8 ,Window XP

Some time's small question can give us trouble like which system type is my computer 64 Bit or 32 Bit.

If we we wanted to download a software for computer so we should know which system type is our computer because if we don't  know this then we can download wrong software for our computer system ; For 32 Bit Computer systems there are different software's we can't use 64 Bit Software on it so it is important to Know the System Type ,In case of 64 Bit Computer system it can run 32 Bit Software's also.

If you wanted to Install New Operating System on your Computer system then you also should know what type of computer system is your is it 32 Bit system or 64 Bit computer System So on more Talks let's see How to Find out "What is My Computer System is it 64 Bit or 32 Bit".

These methods are for Windows Computer's Window 10 ,Window 8 ,Window 7 ,Window XP

Method 1 - Find System Type Using CMD Command

Step 1 - RUN cmd or Using "WINDOWS + R" to open it.

Step 2 - After Opening it Type "msinfo32" in it and RUN it. (This command will open SystemInformation)

"msinfo32" command

Step 3 - Now "System Information" is Open Select System Summary there you will see all information about your PC and Check the SYSTEM TYPE (if their is written 64 Bit it means your System is 64 Bit computer system if their is written 84 its mean your system is 32 Bit computer system)
system information
System Information 

Method 2 - Find System Type from Control Panel

Step 1 - Open Control Panel and Select "SYSTEM" option.

control panel windows 10
Control Panel Open System on it
Step 2 - Now you will get information about your computer system and see System options there you will get information about your system type as show in picture below. (if their is written 64 Bit it means your System is 64 Bit computer system if their is written 84 its mean your system is 32 Bit computer system)

system option windows 10


How to Stop doing Self Sex - Masturbation Stop ?

Stop Masturbation
Stop Masturbation

Masturbation is a common activity. It’s a natural and safe way to explore your body, feel pleasure, and release built-up sexual tension. It occurs among people of all backgrounds, genders, and races.

Is Masturbation is Good or Bad ?

Masturbation is a normal and it is not bad thing to do humans are doing this from very long time, Masturbation can be done by Female and Male both and it's not bad for your Physics until you are Happy and you like /Love doing masturbation.

So is it good ,Yes masturbation is good if you like and enjoy it ,but if you feel bad by doing this then it will affect you badly.

How to Stop Masturbation :

  • It's all depend upon you how you will stop doing masturbation first you need to set your mind you want to stop doing masturbation.
  • Stop watching Porn and other Content this is first thing you need to do ; i know most people will say we tried it but we can't because they become addicted to it they even can't sleep without watching porn and they even don't have any control over them ,So try to do some work make your self busy do extra job or learn something else ,spend time with friends than you will have less time with your self and their are less chances of watching PORN but what about the Night you are Alone in Nights so try sleep and switch of your phones listen to music or watch a movie.
  • Some times device's become very big problems ; Devices allows us to access over lots of Porn Sites if yo are a person who only watches Porn and not do anything else in phone than go for a new Phone which only allows you to do a particular stuff like calling ,messanging etc and if you are a person who can't live without technology than change the network on your device some networks doesn't open Porn sites they blocked them but all sites are not totally blocked so you need a software which can block all Porn sites ,Now smart people know In Private Browser we can access Sites easily so in this case don't use any browser which allows you to go Private.
  • Set your Mind you don't wanna to do Masturbation ;Every time if you are in Home ,office anywhere just remember to open the doors even in bed don't sleep without closing doors now sometimes you mind will say let's do it let's do it that time you need to control your self just say to yourself not today you may even not get sleep that night ,but you know you don't wanted to do it and your are fighting with your mind.
  • Be more social - Give time to everyone this will make you happy and your mind also will not think about sex or other thing and keep talking with other's don't stop and learn something like guitar ,dance ,hacking ,programming ,read books ,driving  ,riding etc but do something.
These are the tips how you can stop masturbation but everything is in you i know it is tough each time you say to your self from next day i will not do this let me do this last time but true is this will make you more addicted to it so everytime you thinks about to do it say to your self not today.

It's Not a bad thing to do Masturbation but some people can't take it they wanted to stop it they feel guilty for it what they do this thing can depress them and this post is for them my friends i know it's tough to stop because it is addictive but if you want to stop it then give your full to stop it.

Good Luck... 

Monday, 25 September 2017

How to Install Linux Mint on computer from USB

Linux Mint
Linux Mint
To Install Linux Mint on your Computer System from USB first we need ISO File of Linux Mint.

Download Free Linux Mint ISO File from official Linux Mint Website - Download

After Downloading Linux Mint ISO File you need to make your Pendrive bootable (Learn How to make Pendrive Bootable / Learn From Video How to make Pendrive Bootable)

Steps to Install Linux mint on Computer System -

Step 1 - Insert the Pen drive in your system and restart it and than go to the BIOS Use F10 Key to go in BIOS (Check your system BIOS Key)

Now ,In BIOS Go to "Advance BIOS Features" > Go to "Boot device priority" and select the Hard Disk Boot Priority in this choose your USB > Go back now and Choose the First Boot device USB.

After this Save the Setting and Computer system will restart again and it will start reading your Pendrive.


Step 2 - Now ,Your system will read your pendrive and will show you something like this after reading your pendrive : Now Double Click on the Install Linux mint or Run it to Install the Linux mint or you can also try linux mint before Installing it.

Install linux mint

 Step 3 - Now ,Setup will be open and you need to choose the following options :

linux mint
Who are you ? Linux mint

  • Select the Language (In which you are comfortable)
  • Select the Option if you want to install media player ,flash etc any third party software.(This will use your data to install all these things you can also install them later whenever you want)
  • INSTALL Type Here it will ask you how you want to install your linux by deleting whole data or you want to use 2 OS etc.
  • Choose your country where you live.
  • Choose your Keyboard type.
  • Enter the information ; Name ,Username ,password etc.

Installation will be started now ,after installation completes restart your Computer and Enjoy Linux Mint.

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Introduction to the GRUB and How Does it Works ?

GRUB stands for GRand Unified Bootloader. GNU GRUB is capable of loading a variety of free and proprietary operating systems. GRUB will work well with LINUX ,BSD or Windows. GRUB is dynamically configurable. This means that the user can make changes entries, selecting different kerenls. GRUB also supports Logical Block Address mode. This means that if your computer has modern BIOS that can access more than 8GB of Hard Disk space ,GRUB will automatically be able to access all of it. GRUB can be run from or be install to any device floppy disk, hard disk ,CD-ROM ,USB drive ,network drive and can load operating systems from just as many locations ,including network drives.

How does GRUB works ?

When a computer boots, the BIOS transfers control to the first boot device ,which can be a hard disk ,a flash drive etc or any other BIOS recognized device. for example ,consider hard disk ,the first sector on a hard disk is called the master boot record. This sector is only 512 bytes lo9ng and contains a small piece of code called the primary boot loader and the partition table describing the primary and extended partitions. By default, MBR code looks for the partition marked as active and once such a partition is found ,it loads its  boots sector into memory and passes control to it. GRUB replaces the default MBR with its own code. GRUB works in the following stages :

stage 1 is located in the MBR and mainly points to stage 2, Since the MBR is too small to contain all of the needed data.

stage 1.5 also exits and might be used if the boot information is small enough to fit in the area immediately after MBR.

stage 2 points to its configuration file ,which contains the entire complex user interface and options with which we are normally familiar with when talking about GRUB. stage 2 can be located anywhere on the disk. If stage 2 cannot find its configuration table, GRUB will cease the boot sequence and present tye users with a command line for manual configuration.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Tips to Promote Eye health among Childrens

Tips to Promote Eye health among Childrens
Tips to Promote Eye health among Childrens

Everyone Loves the Camera’s and we can buy it in any affordable Price but their is camera which cannot be Buyed it’s called Human Eye ,Yeah Humans has an Inbuilt Camera which is know as Eyes without eyes we even can’t see through Mechanical Camera’s even can’t see anything these days technology is increasing we have 3D Movies ,VR Glasses and more which may affect our body and body Parts.
These days childrens are very much attracted to Phones and Cool gadgets it’s good to use the gadgets but childrens don’t care about their health and eyes protection and they also don’t know their limits So here are the some “Tips to Promote Eye health among Childrens”.

  • Conduct Eye Care programs - To Promote a Eye care among the Children we should conduct eye care programs in schools ,colleges this will aware them from all the problems they can face in future.

  • Conduct Eye Check Programs - To Promote Eye care among the children. we should conduct eye check programs this will also aware them and will provide knowledge about eyes health.

  • Cartoon Characters - Childrens Loves the Cartoon characters and they listen them carefully may this seems silly but it’s a one of the coolest and best way to Promote Eyes health among the children even big kids also like the cartoons ,they will try to click the photos with the characters and they will publish this over the social media’s means we will get free promotion over internet also.

  • Blind Childrens Show’s - We should conduct blind children's show like Dance ,Singing etc this will also promote the eyes health among children and All the Blind Childrens will get some new experience they will interact with others through these activities and they can also share their feelings what problems they face ,what they wanted to do ,what are their goals this will give a positive energy in whole audience.

This is all what we can do to promote a Eyes health care among the children there are also many ways to Promote Eyes Health like Investing Money Online ,Investing Money in Posters all these ways can be seen but it can’t touch the hearts so these are the “Tips to Promote Eye Health among the Children's”.

Thanks for Reading…

Links to “How to Protect Eyes”


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