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Create 404 Error Page for Blogger/ Blogspot Blogs

Learn How to Create 404 error page for blogger/ Blogspot

page not found 404
How to Create 404 error page for blogger

Steps to Create a 404 error page are :

Step 1 - Open Blogger > after this go to search preferences.

Step 2 - Go to Errors and redirections > Now Edit "Custom Page Not Found"

In Custom Page Not Found Paste the given code below and save it.

Congrats, You have Learned, How to Create 404 error page.

Code :


Sunday, 15 April 2018

Make Photo Gallery By Using HTML and CSS Only

photo gallery in css and html
Learn How to Make Photo Gallery by using HTML and CSS only
About this Photo Gallery this Photo Gallery is Created in HTML and CSS and it is Beginners level Photo Gallery.


Advantages of this Photo Gallery :
  • It is easy to make.
  • Less CSS code is Used.
  • Very basic type of CSS properties are Used to create this Photo Gallery.
  • Hover effects makes it beautiful.

Disadvantages of this Photo Gallery :

  • It is not responsive. 

Photo Gallery 1 - Code :

Result :

photo gallery in css and html
Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery 2 - Code :

Result :
Photo gallery using css and html
Photo Gallery

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Saturday, 7 April 2018

How to Create Coming Soon... Web Page Using HTML and CSS | Code and Video Tutorial

Learn How to Create Basic "Website Coming Soon..." web Page Using HTML and CSS.


HTML Code :

Output :

website comming soon

Download Image :

download free logo
Download logo for free.


Friday, 6 April 2018

How to Delete Account/ page | Step By Step


What is ? (Usually styled as is a personal web hosting service co-founded by Ryan Freitas, Tony Conrad and Tim Young in October 2009.On December 20, 2010, just four days after its public launch, was acquired by AOL.

Steps to delete page or Account :- 

Step 1 : Login to

Step 2 : Click on Settings  > Go to Account

         You can also Follow video  -

Step 3 : In Account you will see lots of option below LOGOUT option you will see other options too one of them are DELETE Account option Click on it or Follow this link after Logging into your account

Step 4 : Retype your password and confirm deletion.

Step 5 : Their is no step 5 account is deleted now its celebration time :)

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Complete HTML Tutorials for Beginners in Hindi | Free Video Course

Complete HTML Tutorials for Beginners in Hindi

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language, which is the most widely used language on Web to develop web pages.

This Tutorial will Help you in Learning HTML. It contains all Lessons from Basic to Advance in Hindi.


Playlist Learn HTML in Hindi  -

List of Topics cover in this Tutorial are :

1. What is HTML ? Advantages and Disadvantages of HTML. 

2. Tools for Development (Web browsers, Text Editors)

4. Basic HTML Tags Explained in Detail (HTML tag, Head tag, Body tag, Title tag)

Post -

5. What are Heading and Paragraph tags.

6. What is HTML Text Formatting ? Text Formatting Tags.

7. What is Comment in HTML ? How to Use comment.

8. What is Hyperlink ? How to Use Hyperlink.

9. How to Add/ Insert Images using HTML tag on Web Pages or Website.

10. Create Tables in HTML using table tag, tr tag, td tag, th tag.

11. What is List ? Types of List ? How to Create Lists ?

12. What is Attribute ?

13. What are Block Level and Inline Elements in HTML.

14. Learn Creating Forms in HTML.

Video (Forms Part - 1 Create Basic Forms) -

Video (Forms Part - 2 Types of Inputs) -

Video (Forms Part - 3 Form Elements) -

15. What to Learn After HTML ?


Sunday, 11 March 2018

What is HTML Document Structure ? HTML tag, Head tag, Body tag, Title tag

Basic Structure of HTML Document

Basic HTML Document

Basic HTML Document contains following Tags :

  2. <HTML>
  3. <TITLE>
  4. <HEAD>
  5. <BODY>
1. <!DOCTYPE HTML> - This tag declaration represents the document type, and helps browsers to display web pages correctly.

2. <HTML> - This tag Indicates that this page is written in HTML.

3. <TITLE> - This tag represents the title of the web page.

4. <HEAD> - This tag contains information about webpage. example : title tag, author tag, keywords, Link tags etc.

Head tag can also contain content on it but its not good to add web page content on head tag for this purpose we have body tag. In body tag we can add content.

5. <BODY> - This tag contains all the content of Web Page in form of text, image, video etc.


Check Complete HTML Tutorials for Beginners in HINDI -


Thursday, 8 March 2018

Download free Responsive, SEO Friendly Blogger templates - Free Blogger templates

There are lots of websites from where you can download blogger themes for free one of them are given below.
These sites are not arranged in the ranking order, these are just arranged in random order.

Goyaabi Templates - visit website

Goyaabi Templates
Goyaabli Provides templates for Blogger and Wordpress. You can get free templates as well as Paid templates.

Colorlib - visit website

Colorlib provides you beautiful landing pages and templates for blogs. You can download templates for Blogger and Wordpress. Colorlib provides free and premium templates.

BTemplatesvisit website

BTemplates is a very popular website for Blogger/Blogspot themes. You can download templates for a blogger/Blogspot for free of cost.

CSS Authorvisit website

CSS Author
CSS Author is a very popular website and it provides templates for WordPress, Blogger, Joomla, and other CMS platforms. You can also learn to code in CSS Authur. This site contains lots of resources.

Copy Blogger Themes - visit website

Copy Blogger Themes

Copy Blogger Themes are very popular themes among those who use Blogger/Blogspot for their Blog. Copy Blogger Themes provides free templates.

Envato market visit website

Envato market
Envato is a very popular website and it is a very large site to explore. You can download Blogger templates from Envato too premium as well as Free templates.

Sora Templatesvisit website

Sora Templates

Sora Templates are also very popular you can make custom templates for your blog (Custom templates includes charges). It also provides free templates.

My Blogger Templates - visit website

My Blogger Templates

My Blogger Templates is also a very popular website to download free blogger themes. You can download themes for different types of blogs. Example - Themes for Health blog, Themes for Educational Blogs, Themes for News Blogs.

Design Crazed visit website

Design Crazed
Design Crazed is a really Good website. It provides you Graphics, Images, templates to Download.(Some of Graphics and Templates may include charges)

Pro Template Labs visit website

Pro Template labs
Pro Templates Labs provides lots of good templates. You can choose templates according to your need. It also allows users to submit their templates.


Monday, 5 March 2018

What is Blogging and Why people do blogging ?


What is Blogging?

Writing content or creating content in form of text, images, video etc and sharing of this content over Blog or website it called Blogging.
Blogging is not just for sharing information about product or service, blogging is about sharing your life, information, education, technology etc... in a form of content (Text, Video, Image etc) with anyone else over the internet.

What is Blog?

A blog (“weblog”) is an online informational website displaying information in the reverse chronological order, with latest posts appearing first. It is a platform where writers or content creators share their thoughts, ideas, views, information.

Why people do Blogging?

There are various reasons why people do Blogging. Why they have time to write content in this busy world for others over the internet.
To Start Making Money - Yes, if you do Blogging you can start earning money through your blog but how can you make money? by advertisements, yes just like TV shows you can show live ads on your Blog Posts (Content) from which you can start earning online money. There are different platforms on the internet which allows you to show ads on your website/Blog. example - google Adsense ads, Amazon associates, etc.
To Start Sharing Knowledge - There are a thousand numbers of bloggers who daily writes valuable content on their Blogs to share information and their knowledge with others. Blogging is a perfect way of sharing information with everyone over the internet.
Self Promotion - Blogging is the best way to do self-promotion. If you are good in cooking, sports, technology etc. Create your own blog and start sharing your knowledge this will help you in getting popular.
To Start connecting with other's - Blogging is a great way of meeting new people online. You can share your views, thoughts on the particular topic with anyone over the internet.
To Create Online Portfolio -  If you are Designer or programmer etc.  You can start sharing your knowledge on Blog. This will help you in getting Job in future.

How to start blogging?

There are different platforms which allow you to create a blog. Each platform is very different from each other. Some platforms are totally 100% free to use and some are paid. Most popular blogging Platforms are,,
To create your own Blog, you need to signup in one of these platforms. After this, you will be able to create your own Blog.


Which Blogging Platform Should You Use ?

Blogging platforms

There are lots of Blogging Platforms over the internet which allows you to create Blog. Example,,, Tumblr, Joomla, Wix etc. Here we will not talk about all these blogging platforms. We will talk about three most popular blogging platforms, which you can use to create your Blog.
The most popular and most used blogging platforms are, Blogger, and Each platform is different from each other and has its own advantages and Disadvantages.
But Here we will also not going to talk about advantages and Disadvantages of these platforms. We will talk about our topic which is "Which Blogging Platform Should You Use" why we are doing this? Because advantages and disadvantages can't help you in selecting your Blogging platform So we will discuss what will happen if your Blog is in, Blogger or

Having a Blog in

If you have a Blog in Then you don't need to buy hosting and domain. Hosting will be handled by and you will get subdomain example -, But WordPress allows you to use custom domain too but for this, you need to upgrade your Blog. Upgrading your blog from free to personal or premium or business site will go to cost you because is not free. Even if you wanted features like custom domain, Removed ads, monetize your site, Advance design customization etc, then you have to pay for this.
If you wanted to earn money from your site than you can't use the free and personal site. To start earning money from You need to upgrade to premium or business site after this you will be able to start earning. Even after upgrading to premium or business blog you can't use Google Adsense ads or other advertising platforms because only allows "wordads" in sites. sites are not totally owned by users, which means you are not the owner of the site even after upgrading to personal, premium or business site. You have to work in terms and conditions of If you do anything against the terms and conditions of they can delete your site at any time, without notifying you.
So when should you use as your Blogging platform :
If you are a beginner and wanted to experience and learn basics of blogging you can create your site in
If you wanted to create a personal blog. Where you wanted to share your knowledge, experience, Your daily life is the best place for you.
If you have any shop like electronic shop, clothing shop, any other product shop etc. You can create your shop site in It is very easy to create a shopping website for beginners and experts if you are using
Disadvantages of :
You don't have full control over your website even after buying premium or business plans. can delete your website if you did anything wrong against their terms and conditions.
It comes with various plans for different types of websites. Which is a really good thing, but the cost and plans are really very bad for those users who wanted to share information and wanted to have full control over their site/blog.
You can't use other advertising platforms like Google Adsense, etc. Only Wordads are allowed to use in sites.

Having a Blog in

If you have a blog in You don't need to buy hosting and domain for your Blog because it is a cloud-based blogging platform. You don't need to worry about storage because you will get above 10GB storage by connecting your account with Google photos (You can also buy extra storage). In Blogger, you will get subdomain example - You can also use custom domain example -,, blog etc. To use a custom domain for your blog. You don't need to pay anything or need to buy a plan, you can use a custom domain for free (You need to buy domain your own self after this you can connect that domain with your blog).
Blogger is free to use and it is a Google product, which means it is trusted product. Each and every feature in is free to use. You don't need to pay for anything in It is used by thousand numbers of Bloggers. Anyone who wanted to earn online money with blogging and has zero money to invest in it starts with blogger. allows you to show Google Adsense. You can also use other ad platforms with blogger but make sure the ad platform which you are using follows the guidelines of Google or Google Adsense. If the ad platform doesn't follow the Google guidelines your Google Adsense account can be suspended even your Blog because your Blogging platform is owned by Google. If your Blog violates terms and conditions of Google than Google has right to suspend or delete your Blog, without notifying you.
So when should you use as your Blogging platform :
If you are a beginner and you don't have any knowledge about blogging you should start with because it is free to use and it has good features.
If you wanted to earn some money through blogging but you don't have money to invest in your blog. is the best choice for you.
If you wanted to share your life experience, stories etc. You can use as your blogging platform.
Disadvantages of :
It has very limited features.
You don't have full control over your blog.
It does not support plugins, Blogger has a feature which is called "Widgets". Even these widgets are very basic.
It has very limited official themes.

Having a Blog in

To start blogging in You need to Buy domain and web hosting because it is a self-hosting blogging platform. Storage, speed all major things depends upon your web hosting. It is very good blogging platform if you wanted to start a professional blog or site. provides you various features like plugins, free themes etc. It also has SEO tools like jetpack by WordPress, Yoast SEO plugin which makes SEO easy for beginners as well as for professionals.
In you can use Google Adsense and other advertising platforms also (make sure you don't break guidelines for these advertising platforms).
In you have full control over your blog/site, No one has rights to delete or suspend your blog.
So when should you use as your blogging platform :
If you have money to invest in your blog. You should start with because it provides you full control over your website.
If you wanted your blog /site on the best platform than is for you.
If you wanted to create a site for your shop example - electronic shopping website, clothing shopping website etc. is the best place for you too and it provides you full control over your site and it also allows you to use other advertising platforms in your website.
Disadvantages of :
If you are a beginner and you just started blogging. could be tough for you (but after spending some time in you will learn it)
You need to buy hosting every month to store your data (Cost depends upon your hosting provider).


There is no doubt is best blogging platform for anyone who wanted to start blogging. It provides various features and It also provides full control over the website, which is a most important thing.
If anyone wanted to start blogging to generate some income but don't have money to start blog. He/She can use blogger because blogger provides you a way to make money through Google Adsense and its totally free blogging platform.
If anyone just wanted to create a personal blog with good features and well-designed layout. He/She can start blogging in You can also create shopping site for your shop in It provides various features and It is easy to use.

How to Start a Successful YouTube Channel for Beginners in 2018

So you are thinking about How to Create Successful YouTube Channel ok !!! than I will help you in Creating Successful YouTube Channel. To create a successful YouTube channel you should have these 3 things on you, patience & creativity, ideas.
So let's start and talk about How we can start or make a successful YouTube channel.
Wait why you are seating like this boost-up your self and then read this article why? because if you will feel amazing this article will also feel amazing yeah !!! Now, Let's start, Before Creating a Succesful Youtube Channel we need YouTube Channel so first Create Your YouTube Channel if you created your channel so Now I can say we are ready.

How to Start/Make Successful YouTube Channel

Choose Your Content - Any YouTube Channel can't become successful without content so it is very important for you to choose what kind of content you going to make on YouTube. Now, what kind of content should you create if you are thinking to ask me what kind of content should you create on your YouTube Channel? I will suggest you do what you like to do. If you like making Gaming Videos make those kinds of videos, If you like gadgets or technology make technology-related videos there are lots of fields and Topics in which you can make videos.
Examples of YouTube Content - Educational Videos, Facts Videos, Traveling Videos, MotoVlogging, Life Style, Products and Reviews, Technology Related Videos, Informatic Videos, Gaming Videos, Dancing Videos, Music Videos etc.
Create Your Own Style - You are not alone on YouTube there are thousands of creators. Who makes daily videos on the same topic as you do but why you are not successful but he is successful why? because he has his own style of representing and creating videos.
You should create your own style and unique way to represent your self and your video content on YouTube. This will make you different from other YouTubers.
Be Confident on Camera - It is very important to be confident on camera because thousands and millions of people over YouTube watch videos daily. If your voice will be low and you are not looking confident then users will not play your videos, So it is very important to be confident on camera.
Don't expect a huge result instantly on Youtube - Thousand number of people upload daily videos on YouTube. Chances of getting Viral Video instantly on YouTube is between 0.1 to 1%. So don't expect viral videos instantly, Just focus on your work and Keep uploading.
Video Quality and Audio Quality - Make sure your videos have good video and audio quality. It is very important to have a good quality content because users like quality content. Now, you will think you don't have great camera and mic to make great videos. But it's not true you don't  need great camera and mic to make videos because users want quality content more than video and audio quality. But Audio and Video also matter try to shoot with good decent camera and mic. (You can use smartphone to shoot videos, These days SmartPhones have good camera and microphone)
Add Banner, About Section, Links -
  • Add a good Banner on your YouTube Channel. Which Describes Your channel and You.
  • Write About section. In about section write something about your channel.
  • Add your social networking accounts Links from where your subscribers can find you on social networks.
  • Upload Channel icon or Profile image.
Intro Video and featured video - 
  • Create an Intro video for your videos.
  • Make a featured video for your channel. Which describes everything about your channel and You.
Upload Content - To make a successful career on YouTube. You need to upload content. Now everyone knows the fact higher the number of videos you will upload higher the chances of getting views and subscribers, But everyone can't upload daily videos. So choose the days when you wanted to upload your content and upload your content regularly on same days. (be consistent)
  • Write Good Title.
  • Make Your Thumbnails expressive.
  • Write lengthy and Useful Description.
  • Add tags to your videos.
  • Add Endscreen in your videos.
Share your videos - There are lots of platforms. where you can share your videos with others via Links. Use social networking sites to spread your videos. You can use facebook, twitter, Google+, VK, Whatsapp, telegram etc to share your content with others. by sharing your videos on different platforms. You can get viewers and views on your channel.
Stay engaged with your audience - When someone Likes and comment on your video, You feel Amazing. The same thing happens when video creators reply to the subscriber or viewers comments. So always reply to your subscribers and viewers.
  • Every comment on your video is the chance for you to make a connection with your audience.
  • Comments also help you in improving your content. In a form of comments, you can take feedback from your viewers and subscribers.  
Use YouTube Analytics Feature - This Feature will help you a lot. It is used to show statics of your Videos. Example: Likes on your video, Dislikes on your videos, trending keywords of your channel and video, Watch time, views etc. By using this tool you can know more about your content and your channel.

Advertise Your Video - The Best and Easy way of getting Subscribers and Views is to promote your videos on YouTube. It is not compulsory to promote your videos but still, this can help you in starting. If you are promoting your videos, Just make sure you are making good content.
  • If you will promote your videos. You will gain Subscribers and views easily. If your video is really good and helpful.
  • Promoting videos helps you in creating your audience.
  • You can Promote videos in any country where you want to promote your videos. You can choose audience type also (age, gender, language etc).
Thanks for reading.

Please feel free to ask any question related to YouTube in comments, I will Answer your Question and if you have any other suggestions for content Please comment down below.
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