Thursday, 18 January 2018

Comparison Between ,Blogger and

This is a Comparison between and and
To start Blogging you need a good Blogging platform which full fills your all desires or conditions ,this comparison between all these platforms will help you to find out your Blogging platform.
Wordpress blogger difference image
Comparison  between Blogging platforms.

This Video is about Blogging everything you need to know before start blogging.

  • What is Blogging ? How to can start Blogging ? How to Make Website or Blog ?
  • Difference Between and and ?
  • How to Make money from these Platforms ?
  • Which is best Platform ?
  • Which is for you ?

Friday, 5 January 2018

How to merge or Blend two or more different Photos in Photoshop CC or Photoshop CS6.

Learn Creating New and fresh looking Photo's and Logo's using two or more different images in Photoshop CC or Photoshop CS6.
Merge Two or more images together to make a Unique and New Images.
Photoshop tutorials
Image Created using Multiple Photos.

Learn Blending Two Images or multiple Images to Create a Unique Images in Photoshop

Download Girl Images - Download Images of Cute Girls

Download Butterfly Images - Download Images of butterfly

Sunday, 24 December 2017

Difference Between and Wordpress.Org and Wordpress.Org and Wordpress.Org

WordPress is reportedly the most popular website management or blogging system in use on the Web.

Wordpress comes in two type and Wordpress.Org ,Both are very different from each other but most of beginners are confused with them. is Blog Hosting service provider. Build a site, no installation required. They will host your site and it comes with different Plans.


Wordpress.Org is a Self-Hosted blogging Platform. It is 100% free and open source to start using Wordpress.Org you need Domain Name and Hosting for your Blog /Website.

  • In You don't need to Buy Hosting.
  • It is free but very limited if you want to upgrade the Blog you need to Buy Plan.
  • You can't use Google Ads on your Blog to earn money.
  • you have to use wordads to start earning.
  • is very limited and your site will be in hands of team if they find anything wrong they  will delete your blog directly /even if you did not follow their rules they will delete your Blog.
  • You will find out lots of templates for your Blog but you don't have full control on Designing your own theme/template.
  • is easy to use as compare to Wordpress.Org (Installation Case only and .org both are easy to use).
  • You will not have to worry about updates or backups. will take care of that.
  • A personal setup session, live chat and email support 24/7/360.


  • In Wordpress.Org You have to Buy Hosting and Domain.
  • It is 100% free to use but you need to Buy Hosting and Domain.
  • You can use Google Ads on Your Blog /Media.Net ads etc.
  • In Wordpress.Org you have full control no one can delete your blog.
  • You will find out lots of templates on internet for your Blog and you can also create your own template.
  • It is not Easy to you as compare to
  • You are responsible for backups. Thankfully, there are tons of WordPress backup plugins that let you setup automatic backups.
  • Visit the support forums for assistance.

Saturday, 23 December 2017

Why you should use Blogger for Blogging Not Wordpress.Org and

Why should you use Blogger Not Wordpress.Org
Why Should you use blogger Not Wordpress.Org
Anyone who wanted to create a Blog wants a Best platform for his/her Blog. Some People have money to invest on their Blogs and Some does't have so now what people do if they don't have money to invest on their Blogs they simply search for best alternative which they can use. Most popular blogging platform is Wordpress.Org so why people look for Blogger or other Platforms because to use Wordpress.Org you have to Buy Hosting and Domain etc... which means you have to spend your money to start blogging that's why people search for Blogger or other platform's.

Now Question is Why should you use Blogger Not Wordpress.Org ?

Their is no doubt Wordpress.Org is fair better than but it is not free to use ,to use Wordpress.Org you need Hosting for your Blog ,but in case of Blogger you don't need anything. It is totally free to use.

If you don't have Money to start your Blog in Wordpress.Org than Blogger is for you.

Advantages of Using for your Blog :

  • It is free to use it comes with domain but you can also use custom domain.
  • It is very easy to use and it has very simple Interface.
  • Blogger is Google Product which means in future you can get lots of new features on it.
  • Blog Designing is one of the biggest problems for those who don't know How to Code but in Blogger you will get lots of template's ,you can easily change colors and Layout of these template's.
  • Blogger is very popular and you will find out large number of communities on Internet or In Facebook ,Google+ ,Twitter ,Reddit ,YouTube etc.
  • In Blogger you don't need to worry about SEO Blogger has very simple and few settings for SEO which means it do SEO automatically you don't need to worry about SEO ,Your work is to write your best content for your blog.
  • Due to the large number of communities over internet you will find out lot's of websites which provides you Templates for different types of Blogs like educational Blog template,Cooking Blog template ,Sports Blog template etc. even some Website's Provide you support mean's they will help you in editing your website design (They may take money for this).
  • You don't need to worry about Hacking related problems because your site is in hands of Google they will take care of it.
  • Using Blogger Platform you can earn money (By showing Google Adsense Ads).

Advantages of blogger over Wordpress.Org :

  • Wordpress.Org is not free to use you need to Buy Hosting to start Blogging.
  • Wordpress.Org gives you freedom to do anything on your Blog but due to this freedom security becomes an issue for your Blog means your Blog could be Hacked.

Advantages of Blogger over :

  • is also free but to earn money from it you need to upgrade your Blog.
  • has lots of feature but most of features are available when you will upgrade your Blog.
  • has Plans system which means higher the Plan you choose higher the features you will get ,it is very costly to start Blogging in

Saturday, 25 November 2017

How much Indian YouTuber earn ?

One of the Most trendy and Searched Question over internet is "How much YouTubers earn's" Today I will tell you truth how much does YouTuber's earn and How they earn from YouTube.

So Let Me me clear everything in starting about earning's.

Earning Does't depend's on :

  • Subscriber's.
  • Like's
  • Comment's
  • View's
  • Sharing Video.
So on which earning depends Answer is tricky it depends on views but actually it does’t depends only on views.

Means earning depends upon number of advertisements shown in your content.

Higher the number of views higher the number of advertisements you will get on your video's.

Now Question on your mind will be i have millions of View's so why my YouTube earning is low because you don't have advertisement friendly content.

Example : Suppose you are an advertiser and you wanted to promote your product on YouTube ,Now someone created video on Technical stuff and YouTube shown your ads their on his channel but your ads are not related to Technical stuff and YouTube is showing your ads on Technical Videos, Now YouTuber will get money for it but you are advertiser and these ads are not working for you why because wrong audience watching it So YouTube don't wanted to lose there advertiser that's why YouTube don't show High Paid ads on low quality content ,Not Advertisement friendly content So to get High Pay you need to create advertisement friendly content.

(How can My YouTube Channel Grow studyreadeducate)

Now all what we discussed above are for all YouTubers around the world this thing is same for all even if you are big YouTuber or Small YouTuber.

So How Much Does Indian YouTubers earn ?

Now you know earning not only depends upon views about also depends upon quality and content/advertisement friendly content.

Countries Which have Good Economy rate (GDP) will Pay you more if you get views from USA ,Germany or Any Country which have good economy rate you will earn more.

If you are getting views from countries which have low or bad economy rate(GDP) then your earning will be Low also.

GDP List 2017

How can My YouTube Channel Grow

List of Countries by Projected GDP -

How to Get Organic Traffic through Search Engine like Google ,Yahoostudyreadeducate

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Management System Project (php)- Insert ,Delete ,Search ,Update Data from MySQL Using PHP

Introduction to Management System Project using php and MySQL

This is a Management system Project which is Created in php and MySQL.This Management system is created for entering student data and teacher data in database, we can collect student data and can update data any time from any where using internet.

Function of Management System or What it can do :
  • We can Add or Insert Data into table (Database).
  • We can Update Data present on table (Database).
  • We can Delete Data from table (Database).
  • We can search for records or Data in our table (Database).
  • We can view Data on Web Page or Data on MySQL Database we can view it on web pages.
Languages used in Management System :

FRONT-END Languages used in project are - HTML ,CSS ,Bootstrap.

BACK-END Languages used in project are - PHP and MySQL.

What is Front-End Languages and Back-End Languages ?

A Front-End language is a language which is use to create website's Design's and Back-End language is use to program website working.

php project management system
Management System project in Php
Download Project : Download Here.

Software Requirement to Run Project : XAMPP ,Download Here.

How to Run Project ?

Step 1 - Download and Install XAMPP ,after Installing XAMPP Run it (Start Apache and MySQL).

xampp run
Xampp Running
Step 2 - Open Web Browser (Google Chrome ,Firefox ) and Type "Localhost" on URL Input box.
Write "localhost" in URL Input Box to check is XAMPP Running or Not.
After this Click on  Enter submit the "localhost" and this kind of page with be open (It also depends upon which version of Xampp are you using).

Step 3 - Now Download the Project - Here

download project
Download whole Folder Right Click on Folder and then click on Download.
Step 4 - Now main Step comes here do it properly After Downloading Folder or Project.

  • Go to the Drive where you Install xampp server eg : if you install xampp in C Drive on you system then Go to C Drive and in C Drive their will be a folder called Xampp Click on it ,after this In Xampp folder their will be lot's of folders too so find folder which is called "htdocs" click on it and open it.
  • Now you have Downloaded your project so Copy the Downloaded Folder of Project and Paste it in "htdocs" folder.
Step 5 - Now everything almost is done but before running the project create a database of project,
How to Create Database let me teach you in fast and easy way in Xampp :
  • Open Google Chrome and Type "localhost/phpmyadmin/" in Url Input box. 

Create database now.

  • Click on "New" after this Give a Name too your database and click on Create.
  • Don't give any random name follow the names and fill the form same as i filled below (Even Table)
This a Student database

This is a Teacher Database
  • Now everything is set now you are ready to run project if it does't work or you still don't understand then please watch online video.
Step 6 - to Run a Project Type "localhost/project folder name" Enter and Congrats now your project is running.
Management system Project.
Management system Project.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

How to fix Pink Screen Problem in Laptop/Monitor - Screen Blinking Problems

When we use laptops or any other device we also faces some problems with it one of the major problem is PINK Screen on Laptops and flickering /Blinking of Screen.

Pink Screen on Laptop (Hp Laptop)
Symptoms of Pink Screen /Green screen /Blue Screen etc are :-
  • Blinking of screen - Most of People will ignore this problem id Blinking happens for small amount of time about 1 minute or few seconds User will become happy when blinking will stop and he will ignore this problem and in future may this problem effect the laptop badly.
  • Screen Becoming Pink /Green /Blue or changing color's this is also a symptoms that something is wrong with your computer screen /Laptop.
Laptop having Symptoms of color problems
Reasons Why you having Pink Screen or other unwanted colors :-
  • Screen is Damaged.
  • Wiring is lose.
  • Wire's which connect's screen and other part's are not properly connected.
  • Back-lights behind the screen panel are damaged.
and their could be any other reasons for this...

For Which Laptop or Brand is this Article: (HP ,Dell ,Asus ,Acer ,Sony ,MacBook ,Google Chrome Book ,Toshiba ,Lenovo)

All Laptops can have this problem does't matter's if laptop is Expensive or Not,  this can happen to any laptop and technique to solve this problem is also same the only difference is structure each laptop and company makes different laptop structure for their products so it is not important that HP and Dell laptop will have same structure or any other company so before doing anything check your laptop structure online this will help you to know about your laptop structure and this will also help you in repairing your laptop.

How to Fix /Solve this Problem :

It is very easy to solve this problem if something from these cases happen -
  • Screen is Damaged.
  • Wiring is lose.
  • Wire's which connect's screen and other part's are not properly connected.
  • Back-lights behind the screen panel are damaged.
Check your laptop carefully and determine what is the problem, first you need to know is it hardware problem or a Software problem to know this is it hardware or Software problem -

Take a external monitor and connect it with your laptop (Using a HDMI Cable or Any other cable which is use to connect with other monitor /external monitor) after this turn ON your laptop and see the external monitor if  Everything looks fine in external monitor and you are not having that same error as you getting in your laptop screen's it means your laptop has Hardware Problem if in external monitor everything looks same as in your laptop screen it means you have Software Problem.

Solve Software Problem (It is very easy to Solve the software problem) -
  • Update your windows if it does't work then Re-Install your Windows (Before this take your all data in external HardDisk)
  • Update the Drivers and Other Graphics Software.
Solve Hardware Problem (It is easy to fix a hardware problems too but only in few cases I will recommend you to show your laptop to an expert of this field)
  • Open the Laptop Body and Clean it (Remove the Dust from Internal Body) and Check the wire if wiring is lose or wire's are not connected then connect the wires.
  • Open the screen Frame and Check is wire's are damaged or not if wire is damaged you need to buy and new wire (Do not install new wire your own self if you don't know how to do it, give this work too an expert)
  • Open the screen frame and TURN ON your laptop after this see the lights behind the screen if lights are glowing it means lights are in good condition if not it means lights are damaged and you need to change them.

Before doing anything or taking action i will recommend you to show your laptop to an expert Why ? Because i know you have an laptop and it means a lot for you i just don't wanted you to damage your laptop that's Why ,Before showing laptop to an expert i will recommend you also to clean your laptop properly from internal body and connect /re connect video wires (this may help you and save your money) 

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

How to Create Calculator in HTML and CSS ,JavaScript - Get Source Code of Calculator

Create a Calculator Using JavaScript and HTML ,CSS.
Create calculator Javascript
Create Calculator Using JavaScript

HTML and CSS is used to design the Calculator Looks and Design ,Bootstrap is also added on it to make it responsive and Good Looking.
JavaScript is used as a Programming Language which is Used for the calculation purpose.

Features of Calculator :
  • It is Responsive.
  • Design is Attractive and Good.
  • Easy to Use.
  • It can do Addition ,Subtraction,Multiplication and Division .
  • It can also solve large Questions Like (23+7*56-6+5*5/8) 
Create Calculator in JavaScript Learn from Video :-

Part 1 -
Part 2 -

Code :

Result :

javascript calculator

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

What is My System 64 Bit or 32 Bit How to Know System type - Window 10,Window 7,Window 8 ,Window XP

Some time's small question can give us trouble like which system type is my computer 64 Bit or 32 Bit.

If we we wanted to download a software for computer so we should know which system type is our computer because if we don't  know this then we can download wrong software for our computer system ; For 32 Bit Computer systems there are different software's we can't use 64 Bit Software on it so it is important to Know the System Type ,In case of 64 Bit Computer system it can run 32 Bit Software's also.

If you wanted to Install New Operating System on your Computer system then you also should know what type of computer system is your is it 32 Bit system or 64 Bit computer System So on more Talks let's see How to Find out "What is My Computer System is it 64 Bit or 32 Bit".

These methods are for Windows Computer's Window 10 ,Window 8 ,Window 7 ,Window XP

Method 1 - Find System Type Using CMD Command

Step 1 - RUN cmd or Using "WINDOWS + R" to open it.

Step 2 - After Opening it Type "msinfo32" in it and RUN it. (This command will open SystemInformation)

"msinfo32" command

Step 3 - Now "System Information" is Open Select System Summary there you will see all information about your PC and Check the SYSTEM TYPE (if their is written 64 Bit it means your System is 64 Bit computer system if their is written 84 its mean your system is 32 Bit computer system)
system information
System Information 

Method 2 - Find System Type from Control Panel

Step 1 - Open Control Panel and Select "SYSTEM" option.

control panel windows 10
Control Panel Open System on it
Step 2 - Now you will get information about your computer system and see System options there you will get information about your system type as show in picture below. (if their is written 64 Bit it means your System is 64 Bit computer system if their is written 84 its mean your system is 32 Bit computer system)

system option windows 10